Z50 on Safari - which telephoto?

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Re: Z50 on Safari - which telephoto?

blipszyc wrote:

number_5 wrote:

If this is an one-off thing, you can look into renting a telephoto lens. A 100-400mm, $3K Z lens, you can rent it for less than $150 for 7 days (or less than $200 for 10). You can also look into the F-mount, probably cheaper with a larger selection.

Any recommendations on where to rent? Also, If I’m correct, the DX will make that 100mm equivalent to 150mm - is that too close or do I just use my iPhone for the close ones.

A few people I know use BorrowLens and I heard LensRental is also pretty good. You can also search for local stores, but I found that the selections are pretty limited.

A friend of mine just came back from one of the Conservancy, and she used 200-800 (FF). That being said, I saw a few images that she was petting the cats, so having an iPhone is a good idea. You could also rent a standard zoom (24-70/4 Z, $50/7 days, or 18-140/3.5-6.3 Z, $38/7 days), but I'm not sure you want to swap the lenses in the field though. She did have two cameras with her.

When I did mine quite a few years ago in a Park, and I had the 80-400, and pretty much stayed at 400.

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