Canon DP sensor H/V MTF50 resolution directional?

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Re: 4 and 16-dot AAs not Symmetrical

Bigger wrote:

However, keep in mind that in theory Canon's Hi-Res AA response is not circularly symmetric - and its main benefits are to be found beyond 1 c/p, where it effectively quashes aliasing energy that is instead allowed to continue bouncing around in Classic AA configurations

But it is H/V symmetric, and I am looking at edges very near H&V.

Right. Could your printer print better in one direction than the other?

DPAF pixels are quite sparse, 5940 out of 45MP, unless they are all concentrated near the one edge I think they would be lost in the noise. Plus, are they in every color channel? Nikon tends to limit them to blue.

I am not familiar with CRAW. Assuming it is linear, if in the end your results are representative it may very well be that the R5 has followed in the tradition of many Sony-sensored 24MP cameras going back a decade, with AA active in one direction only (e.g. Figures 9 and 10 here ). Not to mention the R7, I see. I think for landscape applications, where detail alignment tends to be random, it's not a bad design choice.


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