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On using used K5s

Started 2 months ago | Discussions thread
robbo d Veteran Member • Posts: 3,881
Re: Multiple bodies...

PentUp wrote:

robbo d wrote:

Historicity wrote:

robbo d wrote:

... is something I'm heading too.

I have several apsc lenses and my k3 gets a large amount of lens changes.

I'm collecting a few kx coloured bodies, but

I think k5, k5iis, k3 & k3ii make very good cheap back up bodies for work not requiring high auto focus requirements or megapixels.

I would like to have a body for most my favourite lenses.

The above series are such value, bulletproof units sharing mostly the same menu's, dials and especially batteries 🔋.

Good points. I've always liked having backups, but the only time I needed one was years ago when my K7 (purchased used) failed, and I went back to my K20D for a while. Before my K7 returned I had purchased a K5 new. My son also prefers Pentax and over the years I've given him my backups as I've moved "up." Questionable term that, "up" because I was never really in need of improvement, but I'm a bit of a collector in the sense of wanting to keep a copy of cameras I've really enjoyed as well as being interested in new stuff that comes out.

If I'd kept a copy of one I really should have kept a copy of the K5iis ... but alas due to shifting state and thinking I was shifting brand, I sold it. Certainly have been keeping my eye out for a decently priced copy.

Rob, apparently you can still get one new with warranty from Leederville Cameras in Perth:


Maybe give them a call to confirm?

checked their website and it's on there !!! $1100 for a new K5iis body ... tempting and i'm sure they'd be happy to sell it and could even get a discount ?

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