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Canon pro 100s printing issues

Started 2 months ago | Discussions thread
Simon Garrett Veteran Member • Posts: 7,458
Re: Canon pro 100s printing issues

Jonneymendoza2 wrote:

MrScary wrote:

You been told what is Wrong. Why do you not follow the suggestions.??

Turn your Brightness down to 30 to start with, Then Re-Calibrate. Get your CD/m to around 90. Forget that 120. Mine is at 89 and I get Good images from my Canon 100s.

Give it a try. Your Eyes will soon get used to the Dimmer less bright screen.

I've tried half of what you said by putting brightness to 20 and the pic is still way too dark on the print...

No, you've done 0% of what I suggested. Until you know the brightness of your monitor in cd/m2 then it's very difficult to diagnose why prints are too dark.

There could be many other issues, but the first thing to eliminate is monitor brightness.

As I said. Explain how monitor brightness affects my prints?

Because if affects the perception of brightness.

Try this: take a blank sheet of printer paper and hold is next to your monitor with a predominently white display and normal room lighting. Does the screen look brighter than the paper? If so, it's too bright. Prints will inevitably look dull by comparison.

However, this is rough-and-ready; you really do need to know the screen white brightness in cd/m2, and it should be calibrated to a maximum of about 120, better 100. Once you've done that, then if prints look dim compared to the screen then it's much easier to investigate the problem.

I also tried to print a old photo that I had previously printed on the printer and guess what, that came out dark and lack of colours too.

I have always had my brightness set around the halfway mark on my monitor and never had a issue on prints

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