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Rich Z
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Re: Marine Lab

And you might get an unpleasant surprise, WhyNot.  If a teacher lets an unknown photographer make pictures of the kids that teacher would be in deep doo doo.  If it is in a place where lots of people are making pictures, an event or whatever, you may get away with it.  I used to go to the children's zoo in our city zoo to make pictures of the kids interacting with the critters.  In this zoo here in Eureka, going back fifty years.  I got some great pix.  Nowadays, the parents and the zoo officials would object, most of them.

People with phone cameras get away with this much easier than people using big, scary cameras like we use.  Many people see our type of camera as a threat.  I've had enough unpleasant experiences that I don't try it anymore unless I ask first.  YMMV,  I hope.   Rich

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