New (to me) Sigma 56mm F1.4 MFT

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Re: New (to me) Sigma 56mm F1.4 MFT

Bruinin wrote:

I am tempted by this lens or the 75 1.8. I am looking for a small walk around lens with great bokeh. I have the ttartisan 50mm 1.2 and i like it. But now i want autofocus.

Please update with your findings when you can.


I initially looked at the 75mm and several times shot my Pentax A 35-105mm @75mm and found it a tad restrictive focal length wise, and that was echoed by many others. The 56mm actually works quite nicely FL wise being somewhat more versatile, and delivers the same bokeh as the 75mm and is even a little sharper. It has quite visible pincushioning uncorrected, but an easy automatic fix in camera JPEG or PP RAW, which is automatic in OM Workspace. As you can see in my example, quite sharp wide open and have no hesitation using it at F1.4 in that regard.  CA is well controlled, so I would say a well rounded lens that complements my 12-45mm in both FL , fast aperture and bokeh quite well. It is well balanced on the OM-1. Not really small, but compared to equivalent FF lens is rather compact. Can't argue with the cost either, so it's a no brainer. I had to wait 2 months before it became in stock in Canada, but it was worth the wait.

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