Shoten L39 to L adapter-Highly Recommended

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Shoten L39 to L adapter-Highly Recommended

Hi All:

Last week I bought a Sigma FP with the EVF to pair with my small collection of Leica Thread Mount (LTM) M39 lenses. I use these old lenses with a Leica IIIf film camera and occasionally with a mFT body. I got the FP (full frame sensor) to serve as a digital mount for adapted lenses without any cropping of the image.

So far, I am enjoying the new camera and learning its capabilities.

For the mFT body I have been using adapters from Fotodiox and Olympus. For the Sigma FP, I recently received a Shoten L39 to L adapter:

This adapter

Image from Shoten web site

The Shoten adapter is unusual in that it provides welcome clearance for pressing down of the infinity lock and there is a means to adjust the angular installed position of the lens.

It seems well made and is reaonably priced (~$40).

Note:  the image above shows the collapsible 5cm Elmar lens attached to the FP.  This is a risky proposition as my measurements indicate that if collapsed, the rangefinder cam on the lens will strike the FP's sensor.

I also bought some inexpensive adapters from Rainbow imaging (thanks to a tip from another forum member.  These were ~$10 each and work fine for lenses without the infinity lock.

I am looking forward to the coming summer season when I can use these lenses in better light and when local people have garage, estate and yard sales where one can find interesting old lenses on the cheap:)


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