Is the M4/3 system still relevant today?

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Re: Is the M4/3 system still relevant today?

SuvoMitra wrote:

sybersitizen wrote:

SuvoMitra wrote:

... In general, I really like this system because it gives me faster shutter speeds for the depth of field I require.

I'm surprised that someone hasn't already pointed out that you can use those same shutter speeds and get the same DOF with larger sensor formats.

For example, with a full frame sensor you would double the f-number and quadruple the ISO. Within the limits of the available settings, the final results should be similar either way if the lenses and cameras are well calibrated.

Of course that doesn't negate any of the other reasons for liking the system.

... What you’re pointing at is that a FF camera of sufficient resolution has a m43 and an APS-C camera included in it - just set equivalent shooting parameters and crop. For my interests, I only need the built-in m43 part of the FF configuration, so I don’t want to pay for or carry the rest of the package.

No, I wasn't talking about cropping (although that is an option that can also be leveraged). If you're just going to crop a M43 rectangle from the larger sensor, you would use the same focal length, same f-number, same shutter speed, and same ISO in both cameras.

I was talking about using the entire area of the larger sensor, in conjunction with a lens that offers the same field of view as the one on the M43 camera. If you then do what I proposed, the result will be similar in either case, and the full frame version could also be higher resolution than any M43 result if the full frame sensor has more than 24MP.

But indeed, more overall bulk and weight will generally be one of the downsides.

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