Hummingbirds in SE Arizona -- best locations?

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Re: I actually just got back from SE Arizona 🙂

Chris Wolfgram wrote:

Wordfool wrote:

Awesome photos! Where specifically did you have most luck with hummers?

Well since you ask (and this is kind of funny) while SE Arizona has all kinds of fantastic places to shoot all kinds of birds, including Hummers, I actually got the most, and best shots of them at a little city park called Desert Palms Park, at the base of Madera Canyon...

I’ve been to that park before and also had very good luck there.

Or whatever that mountain is called 🙂

BTW, even as well as I did, I think I'd have done even better, if I had relied less on eBird, and did more research on "places with feeders stations"... And as was mentioned "botanical gardens" !

I don’t know if you have ever been to the Senora Desert Museum, but I’ve found it’s also a productive place for bird photography. They have some aviaries but also a lot of nice habitat with wild birds as well. Another personal favorite spot in Tucson is Agua Caliente Park.

Oh and one more thing... I don't know how much time you have, or how much traveling your willing to do.....

But I think the best possible birding vacation would be > South Padre Island Texas for the last few days of April, and then up to SE Arizona for as many days in the first part of May as you can swing 🙂👍 Guaranteed you would get a very different, but equally cool list of birds from each of these two places 🙂

I agree with this recommendation as well

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