Drowning in lifestyle photography

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Drowning in lifestyle photography

I don't want single out any photographer, so here is the Google image search result for lifestyle photography, for those unfamiliar with the genre:

lifestyle photography

It's all lifestyle now. Weddings in faux-Kodak film cinematic style (everyone sells their own Lightroom preset for this); personal family photos of kids and dogs playing (in shallow DOF), taken with $10K of gear and processed with a wedding preset; couples preciously touching foreheads, processed with a wedding preset.

So much shallow DOF I think I'm starting to hate shallow DOF and maybe I'll tape all my lenses at f8.

It's great to take photos of family and friends no matter what style, but making them look like an Anthropologie catalog or pharmaceutical TV commercial? I get that people want their pics to look more professional but there is a point where it looks like you're trying too hard.

I used to feel the urge to vomit at over-processed landscapes and wildlife pics, now they seem like welcome relief next to another kid playing with a dog in a field at f0.95. I see why Gen-Z is gravitating to snapshots with old Canon Elphs in standard color; so much lifestyle has been pushed on them by influencers that they're physically ill and are rejecting it to preserve their sanity.

Since lifestyle photography is so popular, many of you are probably fans and will not like this post at all. No prob, feel free to defend it.

For those who feel like I do -- do you find this style subconsciously creeping into your own photos? If so, how do you counteract it? One thing I do is try to avoid obvious framing, cliche subjects... wedding presets. Look for weirdness. Another is to regularly view photography that remind me that photos can be used to make powerful or thought-provoking statements. This happened a few days ago when I accidentally revisited this Martha Rosler project from the mid-70s:


Btw, one cool thing about Martha is that when she poses for a photo, she usually does so with a camera in her hand, prominently held so we can see make out what kind of camera it is. I think she may be a gear junky.

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