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creative edge
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Re: studio product shoot for a dice company

A127943 wrote:

creative edge wrote:

studio product shoot for a dice company
100s, fringer pro adapter and Canon EF 100 2.8 Macro

Any bts on this?

I did not do any bts shots..but is this an overview of the shoot..

I was hired to photograph a series of playing dice. I was given creative freedom as to the shoot as long as the themes matched the name of the dice.
This was all done in studio and the hardest part was coming up with the themes and then building the sets. Basically for these type of shoots I work backwards, first I envision the final image I want. Then I build the set and light it, final step put everything together in photoshop.
I created the sets and from there, I photographed the dice. Some required me to shoot each dice individually, others I shot the dice as a group.
A total of 16 sets were done, final images ranged from wallet sized prints to poster prints.

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