Loose synch leads (3.5mm Elinchrom)

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Re: Loose synch leads (3.5mm Elinchrom)

An update to this.
I think I've been an idiot in terms of testing this - but understandably so.

I now think that it might be all 3 of my skyport synch cables that are at fault.
I had cross checked them before and "thought" they were ok.

I took an old Style 400BX apart to look at the sync connector i.e. mono jack.
Removed the connector (pics below) filed the contacts in case there was some corrosion, bent the contacts. Then tried to test using a muiltimeter + cable inserted.
I would get contact with the bottom/collar of the cable - but whatever I did, I couldn't get contact with the tip. Then started testing my cables - none would make contact on the tips from one end to the other. Started doubting my Electronics knowledge. Changed battery in Multi-meter.
Then tried an old 3.5mm audio cable and all worked!
Tried audio cable in the Style 400 BX - worked!
Then went to test the old/elinchrom cables on my own newer D-lites - and then at that point remembered that my newer D-lite (1 of 4) has a trigger inbuilt into the unit..... *face-palm moment*
That might explain why I tested the cables on my D-lites before and found them to work just fine.
Chose an older D-lite and resylts as per StyleBX - audio cable worked every time, old elinchrom cables didn't, only once or twice after a wiggle.
The cables will occasionally work but need to be under tension at a certain angle - I thought it was the port's fault but is likely cables.
Going to replace them with 3.5mm mono audio patch cables rather than stupidly expensive elinchrom cables.
The 3.5mm Connection on Elinchrom Style 400 BX
Is a fairly standard 3.5m jack PCB connector, easily removed as not souldered in:

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