OM-1 Reliability Poll

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OM-1 Reliability Poll

Hi everyone,
I'm considering upgrading my OM-1 II to an OM-1 but reading this forum I get an impression that quite a few people have had problems with their OM-1. However, I know how deceiving reading forums can be. People who don't have any problems with their cameras don't start threads to tell everyone how reliable their camera is but the people who do experience problems are very likely to start a thread and write about it. 
Because of this I think it is valuable to assess camera reliability in a systematic and  quantifiable way such as a poll. 
Please let us know what you experience with the OM-1 has been so far.
Thank you, all!

I have/had an OM-1 and I haven't experienced any problems with the camera.
80.8% 181  votes
I have/had an OM-1 and I've experienced minor problems/bugs not important enough to return/repair the camera.
8.9% 20  votes
I have/had an OM-1 and I've experienced serious problems that caused me to return the camera or send it for repairs.
10.3% 23  votes
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