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Any news on the next version of zs200?

There is none, furthermore its unlikely to ever happen given that its a compact camera and they aren't particularly profitable.

Thanks. Interestingly, there are new ZS200 available in the market for sale, which means Panasonic still producing it (or old stock)?

It's a question difficult to answer. But what I know is that we still can order it at my photo store, and also the zs100. I red that the zs200 doesn't really replace the zs100, both are good and have differents options.

As an extensive user of both I can assure you thst the 200 does replace the 100. It's an improvement in every respect, zoom, EVF & handling. The F.Wits who claim the 200 has a slower lens completely disreagard the increased IS capacity of the 200 that negates that reduction copletelty. There is no comparison, the 200 is vastly superior


It's all true what you say and I agree 100 pcent, but still somme people will prefer the faster lens of the zs100. Personnally I sold my zs100 and I bought a zs200 because I prefer a bigger zoom instead of a faster lens.

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