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Have Capture One the Best Subscription Model?

Started 2 months ago | Discussions thread
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Re: Have Capture One the Best Subscription Model?

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C1 have just introduced their new Subscription & Perpetual licence models.

As I understand if you subscribe for 5 years you then get the option of a free perpetual licence and then the clock starts again. If you stop subscribing before the 5 years are up you get the option to purchase a perpetual licence for your current version at a discount to carry on using that version of C1.


The clock does not start over after 5 years. At 60+ months of subscribing, you can convert to a current perpetual license for free. There is a sliding scale of price with subs shorter than 60 months. That sounds pretty darn tempting to me. I will strongly consider subscribing with the next annual update.

Yes, that's why I started this thread, C1's subscription model is more attractive than the traditional one where you stop subscribing where, using Adobe as the example, you lose all access to Photoshop and can't edit in LR. That's unless the "quick edits" in Library are all you need.

Other software companies will be taking note.


But this perpetual license you will get after 5 years of hoping won't last for ever. As other mentioned, system upgrades might break it, or it does not support a new camera model.

And another point is, that it is not backward compatible.

This takeover from capture one by investment firms created a lot of trouble. Considering that a part of this company is owned by by it's employees.

It's quite a difference between a company providing safe and well paid jobs for its motivated employees and management or investors looking for permanently rising quarterly results.

Thom hogan wrote about it


The perpetual license you get is the version that exists when you stop subscribing so it is exactly the same situation as any perpetual license. C1 is backward compatible, like LR it will upgrade older catalogues to the current version, but you will have already done this so I'm not sure what aspect you are trying to highlight?

If you are still buying new cameras then you are probably going to be continuing to subscribe r you've moved on to something else so C1 is irrelevant.

Any perpetual license can be rendered inoperable by OS change but this is really an Apple Mac issue, and Mac people in general accept this as part of the Mac "deal".


I use sessions. When I update to a new version, capture one asks whether I want to update the my images to the new engine.


Are you under the impression that the free perpetual version that you get after 5 years subscription is not the current version but 5 years old?


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