Poll - are you using CFexpress Type A in your Alpha?

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Poll - are you using CFexpress Type A in your Alpha?


Thought it might be interesting to see those with Alpha cameras that can use both CFexpress Type A cards and SD cards, what percentage of people have purchased CFexpress Type A.

I think we will find only a very small percentage will have purchased Type A cards, either for sports/wildlife photography.  I doubt many would have purchased Type A for video given the huge cost of the larger capacity cards.

Would it be a wise decision for Sony and other brands to reduce the price of the Type A cards so that volume of sales will go up?

I think many would like CFexpress Type B instead of Type A, that is more commonly used in other brands and is cheaper/GB and go much higher capacity than Type A.

Any thoughts?

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Am using CFexpress Type A only
17.1% 25  votes
Am using SD cards only
53.4% 78  votes
Am using both CF express Type A and SD cards
29.5% 43  votes
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