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Anyone switched

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Re: Switched from FF to MFT

cathal gantly wrote:

After many years away, I recently rejoined my local photography club. What was especially interesting was seeing how many members have switched from FF to micro four thirds. I believe that if the image quality was sub optimal then it wouldn’t have such a popular following among members.

You have to consider the pros and cons of each system. Because a system works for one group doesn’t mean it will work for you. Horses for courses as the saying goes.

Well said.

Either for hobby or a profession, we have to define our minimum requirements. Then look for gear that delivers those needs at minimum price and size. Both camera and lens selection should be vetted against the purpose. There is always the next best thing, choices are endless, and the debate never ends.

Going back to what you said, MFT delivers the minimum required IQ for most common purposes. For many even the Type 1 sensors do it (think Panasonic FZ1000/2000 and Sony RX series). For some purposes, a FF may be required. Again, carefully consider the purpose not the hype.

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