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What's happening with RTX 3060?

Started 2 months ago | Questions thread
IanYorke Veteran Member • Posts: 5,260
Re: What's happening with RTX 3060?

Sean Nelson wrote:

DMKAlex wrote:

I use my desktop for video editing. The 12 gb seems to be more useful than the marginally faster 8gb Ti cousin.

Fixed that for you!

BillyBobSenna wrote:

I think things in China are looking up. I was talking with some of my co-workers in China last week and they reported people are allowed to travel for the Chinese New Year this coming week. Most in China have not been allowed to travel for the holiday the last two years.

It's going to be great for most of the folks who survive the wave of COVID caused by all the travel. Different story for those who perish or end up contracting long COVID.

I'm not sure that China is going to be any worse off overall than places like the US, but they're going through it much faster after a couple of years of hardship trying to stave it off.

I've worked in China for more than 25 years, remotely at the moment of course

Lots of ill informed information on the media in the UK at the moment concerning China.

Literally everyone in the main production plant (offices and plant workers), so 6,000+ people had covid over the course of 4 weeks. Unfortunate demonstration of the lack of effectiveness of masks against a virus

Thankfully, as South Africa found, Omicron isn't like Wuhan variant. Friends and colleagues all over China say the same thing. It's a mild to severe cold, over in a few days -2 weeks so that is actually very good news.


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