Adjusting photo brightness for print

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Re: Adjusting photo brightness for print

lomondra wrote:


newbie with Pixma Pro 200 here.

The correct answer to the question "why are my printed photos dark" is "because you have too much backlit monitor", I already know that, but I still don't understand it in practice. I have my monitor calibrated to 120cd and the photos are slightly dark.

First try and wrap your brain about this concept.  When printing and using your monitor to proof, your monitor's white (255,255,255 or 100,100,100) needs to be set at the correct brightness to simulate your papers white reflective base.  This is where it is difficult because you are trying to simulate the reflectance of something with a backlit device.  You can get close by lowering your monitor's brightness but some monitors don't like this.  I think it is just as valuable that you get to know how your printer prints the density you send it from your computer.  I know with my printer if in Lightroom the white of a t-shirt in sun, the top of a white cloud in sun, the hood of a white car in the sun, the white foam of the ocean when adjusted to be 97-98 on the 0-100 scale will all print with just a hint of detail.  I always check my highlights in my printing application before sending it to the printer.  Like printing in the darkroom I used to base enlarging time on  the highlights and the midtowns and shadows will follow.  (contrast was adjusted for the shadows) It is understanding the relationship between the image data and the printers output that will help you.  Your printer only prints the data you send it so you need to try and combine both what it looks like and what your histogram (data) says it is.

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