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champ3jd wrote:

Well, I took the Z 400mm f/4.5 out with the two TC's and was impressed.

Noting flying so all subjects were stationary.

Tough to tell the TC1.4x is on, and the TC2x is extremely good as well.

No scientific tests here, just my 69 year old eyes and photoshop

On the Z9 in Manual Mode, and used in the UK Winter Light, at a 800mm Focal Length, I found the Z TC 2.0 a very usable adapter in very good light, especially in giving a 800mm Focal Length Experience, and as a training to prepare for the use of a Prime 800mm.

I was attempting to maintain a ISO 500-800 with a Aperture kept at F14 - 1/1000s Shutter Speed.

A EV Tweak to -1.7 might have been needed to keep close these preferred settings for the TC in use.

I had the suspicion that the AF was a little slow to reduce the dimension of the Green Demarcated Box, I explained this to a fellow photographer as there being a need to be an Increment more patient before releasing the shutter.

I found if using the Camera + TC / Lens, in the same manner as the Camera + Lens only, the shots were not as sharp with the TC on board, if the shutter release was an exact mimic of the Camera without TC, the little bit of hesitancy, and allowance for the Green Box to fully adjust the dimension, offered a noticeably improved image sharpness.

When entering Woodland or shooting into Woodland, the ISO is needing quite a uplift to maintain a 1/1000s Shutter Speed.

Additionally, at these settings the AF Function was noticeably slower, and might not have kicked in as Green Demarcated Box ( Dynamic Focus becomes one's friend).

When in a location where light is reduced, It was discovered that if the choice of subject was more selective, (one's that pose for a second or two).

With the Shutter Speed dropped to 1/100s, and ISO Selected to match, the Camera Function was much more akin to the performance on offer from a improved lighting situation.

Again not scientific as a test, but to someone with my limited knowledge of the Z9, using the Body to my methods, there was enough being detected to discover the Z TC is a Good TC to use, but has a limitation for its usage.

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