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champ3jd wrote:

UPS just delivered mine from Best Buy.

Ordered on the 19th for Saturday and it showed up today.

Bought One for approx' -15% Retail, as a used item on Wednesday, it has now showed up today and will be put to use hopefully tomorrow.

If all goes to plan, if the Z TC 2.0 when sold, sells for the same price as purchased it will almost cover the cost of the Z TC 1.4.

I really don't mind losing a little on the Z TC 2.0, it will be a case of very good lessons paid for with a little depreciation, as the Z TC 2.0 was purchased solely to work at 800mm, as well as show how a TC performs on the Z System in Comparison to a TC used on the F Mount System.

There has been a tremendous amount of learning to be had, about using a 800mm focal length, and how the Focal Length fixed at 800mm can impact on a success of capturing images doing the type of photography I take part in.

Additionally, I have now become quite aware of how the adapter in use on a Z System, can be compared to the TC's used in the past on the F Mount System, as well as learn where the Z TC 2.0 in use can compromise the overall and much desired function of the Z Body Camera in certain lighting situations.

It is expected that the Z TC 1.4 will offer an improvement on the successes of capturing images doing the type of photography I take part in, as well as enable a improvement to the camera function over the Z TC 2.0 in certain lighting situations.

If a Psuedo 800mm framing experience is wanted, the DX Crop can easily be initiated at the touch of a Function Button, to give this effect with immediacy.

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