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Useless at Disneyland?

Started 2 months ago | Discussions thread
RUcrAZ Veteran Member • Posts: 7,516
Re: Useless at Disneyland? Bring everything!

Judging by the fact that you both like photography and you have a considerable amount of new camera gear, i think that you will be unhappy if you left that gear behind. Disneyland (the real, genuine one) was madefor taking pictures, and it would be a pity not to "exercise" your gear there - happily changing lenses, and looking at camera angles, and figuring how to dodge the crowds for "the great shot." Have fun, bring back lots of pictures, from every piece of gear you've got. That's why you got it for, not to sit in some drawer at home or in a bag in the back of your car! (On your second visit - with the kids - then take just a cellphone.) 


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