What's doing this to my image names?

Started Jan 19, 2023 | Questions thread
JohnSil Senior Member • Posts: 2,228
Re: What's doing this to my image names?

MRCocoa wrote:

I was sorting pictures and ran across a number of them with "3.48.09 AM" appended to the file name, as in "IMG_0001 3.48.09 AM.JPG" and it isn't limited to JPG's - it appears on PSD'd and PNG's and NEF's and every kind of image.

It's always the same, "3.48.09 AM" , so it doesn't appear to be related to me doing anything with them at a specific time of day.

I tried trolling through the internet with Google and couldn't find an answer.

This is a MacBook Pro M1 and I use Photoshop and Lightroom, but if they caused it, they aren't doing it anymore.

Any ideas? I hate when something fiddles with my files without warning me.

Hey that's my Birthday! Probably just reminding you to send me a gift!!! LoL


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