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Still impressive

Started 3 months ago | User reviews thread
marcio_napoli Senior Member • Posts: 2,206
Re: great sharpness and DR

Foskito wrote:

straitouttahell wrote:

marcio_napoli wrote:

Back in the day, I was using a D700, a camera I consider as nearly perfect.

But the D700 has 1 problem: super agressive AA filter.

I never, for the life of me, understood why Nikon insisted on those strong AA filters back then. They did use a light AA filter on the D2x and it worked like a charm, so much so that Mr. Thom Hogan stated that it was the best 12 MP Nikon at base ISO. Then they decided to go a step back on the D3/D300/D700.

That's part of the 5D Classic secret recipe, the files have some extra crispness that the Nikon D700 could match even though the Nikon files are beautiful in their own way.


A lot of people remember the 5d having something magical about it.

It does, in how it renders colors, but specially in the pixel level sharpness. That was the magic people remember.

I'm with you Foskito, Nikon was all over the place regarding AA filter strength.

D100 soft, D70 sharp, D200 soft, D2x sharp, D3-D700 soft, D3x sharp (at least sharp enough), etc.

I've always loved Nikon cameras, but as an addicted to non AA-filter cameras, this has always affected my opinion about Nikon.

I get the impression Canon seems much better in that regard.

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