AI can not and Will Not Replace Photographers And Artists.

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Re: AI can not and Will Not Replace Photographers And Artists.

It’s days like these I kinda wish I were 90 yo.

So I wouldn’t have to accept or agree for much longer with the nonsense the world is becoming.

But yeah, I will have to suffer for quite some time ahead.

But then again, I’m the kind of guy who misses Blockbusters, 80s practical effects in movies, physical media games, friends playing games on the same couch instead of online...

I’m the guy who thinks it’s a cancer that most 30- yo people have 0.1 miliseconds of attention spam, and live their lives looking at smartphone screens more than the real world around.

By now you realize I’m the guy who will miss real talent from real people in photography, movies, music, when AI takes over for everything.

And it will.  Once existing and acquired, software is cheaper than real people.

It’s kinda sad I’m just 42 and not 90.

Sorry for the rant.

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