Any advice on reasonably good budget tilt/shift lenses

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Re: Any advice on reasonably good budget tilt/shift lenses

In the past I had the Canon EF 24 3.5 Mk. II. No complaints about quality, but I never used it because it was large & heavy.

Some interesting options, if you would consider longer FLs, are;

Canon FD 35 2.8 TS. There seems to be some sample variation as (the few) reviews are quite mixed. Mine is sharp into the corners almost from full aperture (unshifted). Shifted and stopped down, it seems to be as good any other shift or TS lens I've used. The only drawback I've found compared to more modern lenses is that it handles flare less well.

Canon EF 90 2.8 TS-E Mk. I. Very sharp & contrasty lens. Focuses down to 50cm (Mk. II is practically a Macro). Can be had for bargain prices.

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