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You wouldn't add much weight adapting the M lens because the M mount 40 f/1.2 is about 100g lighter than the Z mount version. I don't know about other functionality (e.g. exif data or how different focussing aids would work with it). It's also a bit shorter and narrower.

One thing you could gain with the M mount version is autofocus, since Techart offer an M to Z adapter that provides autofocussing (I believe by physically moving the lens forward and backward). They just released an improved version (TZM-02), so if this interested you that would be the way to go.

I've read that the M mount version is optimised for a different thickness of sensor cover glass used by Leica and so there may be modest differences in performance, though I've seen some very nice results from that lens on Sony cameras where the same would be true. The minimum focal distance of the M mount version is I believe larger (I think 50cm vs 35cm). I think that's about it for technical differences.

I recently bought the Z mount 40 f/1.2, and am rather enjoying the "retroness" of manual focus and aperture (though I've turned focus peaking off: I find the focus confirmation box more reliable and magnification is there if the subject is sufficiently static). I'd say that the reviews and user comments give an accurate picture of how the lens performs in practice.

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