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Different vs Better, Tools vs Toys

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marcio_napoli Senior Member • Posts: 2,206
Re: Different vs Better, Tools vs Toys

ronscuba wrote:

Guy Roberts wrote:

Just looked at your site. Impressive photography.


I took a class a few years ago with a well known portrait photograher. She looked at my work and asked, if the girls were not pretty, would the photos be as interesting ?

It was a really good way to challenge me to do more than make the pretty model look pretty.

Ron, I've never noticed your site before Guy's comment.

Extremelly impressive stuff, I was wowed a ton of times!!

Must be super proud of accomplishing such gorgeous photography. I'm really amazed!

As years goes by, photographers (and photography) is progressively being eroded over the years, in regards to what the general public values this art and craft.

When I see work like yours, I'm well reminded this is what we strive, and what the public should respect.

Making a portfolio of such a distinct quality is rare and super dificult.

It clashes with the ongoing trend of "photography is easy", "smartphones are good enough" and the whole quality erosion scene.

Portfolios like yours put a great perception of what high quality photography is.

Great work!

Best regards,

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