MZ 150-400mm f4.5 cost

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Ever wondered why the 150-400/4.5 costs so much? On the Australia OMS site, the lens hood, LH-115, is listed at AUD1,249 (~USD866). That's 10% the cost of the lens and more that a new E-M10 IV + 14-42mm. Perhaps it's a mistake. The next dearest lens hood is the LH-61F for the 75/1.8 at AUD109.

Sony's 600/4's lens hood runs $950USD. I guess it's a bit better, less than 10%.

Maybe OMDS are using Sony's pricing model. No doubt these hoods and well made but... it's just a hood. If you want a protection filter, it's AUD519. I'm surprised that the hood is nearly two and a half times as expensive than the protection filter. Go figure. Marketing is a weird world.

Most of people I know get short 3D printed hood in the States. They used to run around $80USD just a year or so ago, but they are around $200 now. The thing is that I don't know anyone use a protection filter for 600/4, just a hood if at all.

Canon's are $700/570 for regular/short. Nikon Z's is $1077. Not just a Sony's thing (edit: or Olypmus).

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