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RF 100-500 and 2.0x quality?

Started 2 months ago | Questions thread
Abbott Schindler Veteran Member • Posts: 3,081
Re: RF 100-500 and 2.0x quality?

Ephemeris wrote:

One thing's certain: photographing birds/wildlife/other active subjects is definitely a participative endeavor!

Ha yes indeed my friend. I had wondered if say the settings from your camera that can be stored in a card can be shared to another user to try?

Thanks for your help and responding.

Yes, of course R5 settings can be shared—it’s easy to save them to a file and upload the file to another R5 (I rely on this, as I have 2 R5’s). What gets saved is virtually every setting on the R5 except for copyright/owner info. That includes custom button and dial settings as well as shooting settings. You could really mess yourself up by simply loading my (or anyone’s) settings without subsequently going through every menu to see what I did.

I think it’s wiser for you to work with your gear and experiment a bit, as what works for me won’t necessarily work for you and visa versa.

One thing I forgot to mention in my original response: shutter lag. And the lag’s different for MS and ES. Add that to your reflex time and you could impact final [moving] subject focus. This is most pronounced if the subject is moving toward/away from you (across the field mostly changes the subject’s pose and composition relative to the environment).

For example, a dog trotting toward you is much easier to keep in focus than, say, a hawk flying briskly toward you or engaging in a chase oblique to you. Also, it’s not like “riding a bicycle”. I shoot staged raptor shows at a local venue during the summer. At the start of each season I need to spend a session or two refreshing my following skills if I haven’t shot similar subjects for more than a few weeks.

If you still want to try my settings, PM with your email address and I’ll send you the file.

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