How is 500/4.5L on R5?

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Re: How is 500/4.5L on R5?

I haven’t used the 4.5 on the R5 but I used one for years with dSLRs. Like most EF lenses converted to R mounts, this lens should work even better on mirrorless bodies.

Yes, this lens is much lighter and easier to hand hold than the F4 super telephoto lenses. However, at least with my copy, I found to get acceptable sharpness I would need to stop down to f6-f7. With the 1.4x tc, it worked well. So, you might have some issues in low light circumstances if you do find the need to stop down like I did.
I know a used copy might be twice the price of the 500mm f4.5, but you might also consider the 400mm do ii for BIF. This is a remarkable lens for hand holding and works perfectly with a 1.4x tc wide open. I don’t like AF capabilities with the 2x tc with this lens though.

There’s no guarantee on a lens of the age of a 500mm 4.5. What makes it worse is that the motor needs to work even for manual focusing. So, if it does breakdown, you are left with nothing but a neat object for your display. But, if cheap enough and in good condition, you could get some years of use from it.

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