550EX and ST-E2 in Manual Mode Possible?

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Re: Here is how I do it


I got it.. yes now I see how this is done.

It took me a while because I didn't get a manual with the rented 550EX and I was trying it out before I decide to pick one up.

That's excellent info Jim. Muchly appreciated.


Jim Bianchi wrote:

To fire the 550Ex in manual with the transmitter (I do it from a D60):

Make sure the transmitter and flash are on the same frequency

Place camera in manual mode (M)

Turn the OFF/SLAVE/MASTER switch to SLAVE

Hold the MODE button on the 550 down for 3 seconds and the flash
with go from ETTL to M. (The M continue to flash)

Press the SEL/SET button to adjust the power

The flash should now fire in Manual at whatever power setting you
have set.

At full power it seems to fire approximately 200 WATTS (but it will
get hot and shut down if you use full power for a long time. Be
careful!!. I usually switch my 550s out after 100 flashes and let
them cool down)

In a small (20x30) soft box at 5 feet I can get F8-F11 @ 200ASA on
1/1 power (full)

Only problem is you must use the external battery pack or the
batteries will die very fast ( have the 6 AA packs and the Quantum
Turbo 2+. Both work great and last for 200+ or so full power

You also must be careful to point the transmitter and flash at each
other. They are very picky and will skip occasionally.



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