Pentax Monochrome K3 maybe a GR ?

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Re: Pentax Monochrome K3 maybe a GR ?

Sjak wrote:

joslocum wrote:

I said at the very beginning I was in the minority.

Actually, I think you are not; I believe most people seem to prefer a colour camera.

So far, I've met (in person) only one other photographer who would be fine with mono-only cameras, the renowned war photo-journalist Eddy van Wessel.

I will look up this guy Eddy's work.

As an ultimate kind of test, I could go on a holiday and only take a mono camera and be happy.

But ultimately, the manufacturer has to determine what effect a monochrom model will have on the bottom line.

Yep, either in hard cash or as a halo-product, or both.

If it's as simple as swapping out the sensor in a GRIII and modifying the menu slightly then it might be entirely feasible.

Actually a mono-sensor is less complex than a colour-sensor, as there's fewer parts (no Bayer-filter, or x-trans, depending on the manufacturer) And processing software can also be less complex, because no demozaicing of the raw-file.

PS - I have nothing against colour-cams, in fact I like them... I simply like monos even more

For me,, while I can see the improved tonality of a mono camera output on screen, its in the print I think it really shows itself.

I think also the resolving detail is improved in a mono sensor when comparing comparable sensor sizes.

So while there is the "loss" of colour there are other gains.

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