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TTArtisans 17mm F1.4 - A photographers review (Not test charts)

Started 2 months ago | Discussions thread
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Re: TTArtisans 17mm F1.4 - A photographers review (Not test charts)

I hope WeirdSheep, You will not mind for small OT (?)
One thing to mention.. in matter of fact, to small to create separate thread

Papa48 wrote:

WeirdSheep wrote:

Papa48 wrote:

Thanks, for this informative review and beautiful samples! I’m appreciating my TTA 17 even more, after reading.

You're welcome, it's a little gem isn't it.

TTArtisan lenses have all been a happy surprise for me (17/1.4, 27/2.8, 35/1.4, 50/1.2).

I see on Your list, that there is any 23mm TTArtisan lens
Around month ago I've bought for my wifes (she is using X-T30II) TTArtisan 25/2.0
Why f/2.0 not f/1.4 You ask? Well.. answer is there:


I dont know whats up, but seems like there is almost no difference between these two lenses (in terms amount of bokeh blur and light transmission)
Simply said, You pay for TTArtisan 23/1.4 and at the end You get almost no profit from f/1.4
But again.. dont ask my why, Im just simple guy with no scientific background to elaborate on such subject.

But! Im just simple guy, and Im also simple guy with soul of photographer who is using lenses for real use instead to making useless brick wall home tests.
Take a look at this.. these are candid shots taken from TTArtisan 25/2.0 from ordinary walk with my wife:

Sorry for no exif, probably I do messed up when exporting (downscaling) files from C1
Anyway, all of those above are SOOC, all taken @ f/2.0

Dont know guys... say whatever You want, but rendering from TTArtisan 25/2.0 is soo pleasing, so gentle, so soft, so "beneficial" in portraits, that is hard to ignore.
This is around 70 bucks lens, and final output is waaay more pleasing than definitly overhyped Viltrox/Tokina 23/1.4
Im highly recommend to evaluate this prime further
Here is my review:
Spoiler alert, this guys is either lying or he is living in some kind of matrix


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