Nikon Z9 (Firmware Ver 2 & 2.10) issues with Ronin RS3 Pro Combo Raven Eye connection issues

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Re: Nikon Z9 (Firmware Ver 2 & 2.10) issues with Ronin RS3 Pro Combo Raven Eye connection issues

Joel SG wrote:

Such partnership usually goes both ways, if Nikon is more proactive things should move faster also. Let’s hope it doesn’t just die there, but don’t hold your breath for it. Nikon should take cue from Sony to have a bigger third party eco system support, it is also part of the reason why a customer would purchase it system over another.

side note. Dji raveneye only transmit video signal, currently there is no audio being transmitted to the ronin app.

If Nikon will not release a public API then DJI could reverse engineer a hack to bypass the Bluetooth encryption.

Surely, not all the other Bluetooth-supported camera models listed for the RS3 Pro received full API support from their manufacturer for DJI to get them working.

If that were so, then why aren't all Sony and Canon models fully Bluetooth-supported that have this hardware feature? I see there are many Sony and Canon cameras that have Bluetooth hardware which is not supported by DJI. This would indicate that even these manufacturers did not 'give' their permission with a public API.

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