New guy with A7RII issues

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Re: New guy with A7RII issues

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Well, camera just made it to Kurt’s Camera in San Diego. Now it’s just a matter of waiting. I can’t wait one bit.

I hope it is a reasonable repair and that the camera works for you for years to come.

Camera was just shipped back, and it works perfect! Currently charging the batteries, and then I’m heading out to test her out.

Big shout-out to Kurt’s camera in SD CA. Very reasonable repair price, and professional repair and customer service.


Out of curiosity, did they give you details on what was involved in the repair?

Yes. They sent me the old part and a description of the work done.

Hmm... sounds like there might have been some water intrusion there.

Cleaned CCD is interesting. Sony hasn't used a CCD in one of their cameras since the A390 (2010).

Main thing she works now! My guess an old school tech worked on the camera. Old terminology refuses to die with some peeps.

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