A7IV APS-C Mode. Why?

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Re: A7IV APS-C Mode. Why?

Psamathe wrote:

I'm new to full frame digital cameras so I've undoubtedly missed the reason but what is the point of fixing to APS-C mode beyond saving disk/card space?

I'd guess most people with a Sony A7IV will have a computer and some editing package. My understanding is in APS-C mode it's effectively a crop where the camera has a fixed part of the sensor it crops to. So why is it better to have a fixed crop you have no control over in the camera vs recording the full sensor and cropping on the computer (where you can better position the image, with full range of options between full frame and cropped below APS-C, different aspect ratios, etc.?

People talk about the APS-C mode giving telephoto lenses "extra reach" but I'd assume this is no different from a crop (digital zoom) from full frame on the computer.

I appreciate there are special cases for APS-C mode e.g. video 4K60 or where using high fire rates with slower cards, etc.

What have I misunderstood about APS-C mode?



Yeah, I agree with you 100%. To me personally it doesn't make sense and I can only see disadvantages compared to cropping manually when editing on the computer.

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