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Re: CCD Sensor Forum Category

I have my own CCD subforum, it's my camera bag nowadays, 90% CCD based, so good man

Well, have you guys ever heard of the Sony F35?

AFAIK, it was the last CCD cinema camera, featuring a super 35 sensor.

The story that I know is that it's regarded as one of the best "looks" ever in the industry.

Since people have discovered better ways to output the files with more effective ways (it was originally a PITA to storage those files), the F35 has a cult status and is much desired now.

Why is that relevant to the thread?

The movie industry is composed of high end cinematographers, people punching way above the average still photographer (let's be honest here).

If those high end guys praise the qualities in an old CCD cine camera as something special, there's a reason to hear them.

On a similar note, you'll hear bits from high end commercial photographers praising those older CCD digital backs.

"Look" is never taken serious in forums spec debates, but among those high end guys in the movie industry and commercial photography, "look" is not only a well talked and considered feature, but among the most desirable ones.

If you're curious about the CCD F35, here's a lovely video:

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