Real World Comparison of D850 vs D6 in Use - Anyone?

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Re: Real World Comparison of D850 vs D6 in Use - Anyone?

GuyDagar wrote:

jbear wrote:

If I get a D5 or 6, it'll be for high ISO, not AF performance. I'm shooting wildlife including small flying birds such as martins, swallow, kildeer, etc. When I pair the D850 or D500 with a Sigma 500mm f4 OS, 500PF, or even a's like cheating. If I am able to physically track my subject, I rarely have a shot that isn't nailed. When I's usually me. I have no doubt that the D5 and D6 are even better, but I'm having great success in the most challenging situations.

I will certainly be grabbing a 5 or 6 (thank you ML), but not for better AF.

I think you have to shoot a D5 or D6 (especially a D6) and then you will realize the AF is exactly the reason you will want one. I've been shooting the D850 for about 5 years and I can tell you, the D6 AF, especially in low-light, outshines the D850 by far. It's not just the small flying things, but the static subjects in deep shade—somehow the D6 is able to focus when you yourself can barely make it out. I dread thinking how many shots I missed when shooting the D850 instead of a D5 or D6.

Okay, the differences are probably not as dramatic as I am making them out to be; the D850 is still a great camera and certainly the best all-around DSLR ever made. All I can say is, at the risk of sounding a bit possessed, the D5/D6 has a little magic that is lacking in the D850.

Agree with this. I absolutely love my D850 gripped or no grip but the D6 auto focus is clearly better when comparing the two cameras. And even at the lower resolution of the D6 the output is also fantastic.

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