Which 28-35 mm landscape lenses with wow-factor

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Re: Which 28-35 mm landscape lenses with wow-factor

Dan_168 wrote:

Actually I forgot to mention the Loxia 35, I also have one, was on Craigslist for few month and no one interested so I totally forgot about it and still sitting in the box in the closet. As part of the Loxia series, it of course has the great sharpness, color, local contrast ...sunstars.....all the cool things Loxi is known for, however, it also has some very annoying things you may want to know about them, first, it's a real pain to change lens, there is no good place to hold the lens for lens chance, I am a prime lens shooter and change lens in the field a lot, even I always have 2 and sometimes 3 cameras, secondly, and perhaps that's the biggest issue as a landscape shooter, this Loxia 35 has horrible field curvature, its one of the worst I have seen among those high quality primes, so you will have to pay special attention to that when you use this lens.

Don't forget the lens shade that "unclicks" and can come off (or worse, rotate a bit without being noticed and vignette the corners) if you barely touch it.

To be fair, the other Loxias I have do that too, but their quality makes it worth it...

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