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Re: I'm in the same boat

Lasse Eisele wrote:

A Owens wrote:

Lasse Eisele wrote:

A Owens wrote:

Find a consumer grade, adapted zoom to mount on your OM-1 and repeat the comparison.

Why? That would be totally pointless.

It would make your comparison of OM-1 and Z9 valid. Or put a native prime on your Z9.

I stated right from the beginning that I was using a lesser lens on the Z9 and that that could explain my results. I'm not interested in a "valid" comparison. I'm interested in making my Z9 work better.

The interesting question for me is how much my Z9 would improve with a better and faster focusing lens.

I can never understand folk who cannot make a sharp picture with the Z9. Or whose post processing skills produce an image inferior in quality to MFT. (as someone mentions above). I have not used a 200-500 but use a 400/4.5.

And what does that have to do with anything I said? I, too, can get very sharp pictures with my Z9, even with the lowly 200-500. Here's one:

But this thread was about AF performance. It's not bad but not quite as good as I had expected and I'm asking the community if it would be noticeably better with a faster focusing lens.

I can say that a Z9 has excellent AF with z mount primes designed with fast action in mind. I cannot say whether would meet your expectations.

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