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Re: X-Pro3 LCD Issues?

jon595 wrote:

I had an X-Pro3 and just sold it. Part of the reason why is due to the rear screen ribbon cable and the issues that I and others have had. 13 months of ownership and my rear sub-monitor started to display garbled white nonsense and shortly after that, the main LCD would lose power when I opened the screen more than 90 degrees from closed. Soon after that, the LCD would lose power when opened 45 degrees. I sent it to Fuji USA in New Jersey. They originally quoted me $480 to fix out of warranty, but I talked them down to $180 since it was just out of warranty and there was no sign of any damage on the camera.

Looking closer at the ribbon cable, every time the rear LCD is opened beyond 90 degrees, the ribbon cable is pulled a little forward. My thinking is the combination of this pulling and the constant bending of the cable is what is causing these to fail.

I loved the X-Pro3. If it wasn't for my screen issues, I most likely would not have sold it. I really enjoyed the rear screen and it's use, just not the failing.

This is really helpful. Thanks! Sounds like it would either be almost $500 or almost $200.

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