Changing lens during trip...

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Re: Changing lens during trip...

When I need to change a lens, I go to my special clean room, put on white overalls with foot covers, hat and face mask and veeeery slowly (so as not to create air currents), carefully swap lenses. The next day I'll take the camera to a shop to have the sensor professionally cleaned due to the dangerous exposure it experienced...

SERIOUSLY: I change lenses very often, holding the camera's lens opening facing down and try to minimize the changing time, also how long the back of lenses involved are uncovered. I don't worry about or hesitate changing lenses UNLESS it's windy and/or particularly dusty, or snow flurries or some other condition where water, dust or something could fly up into the downward facing camera opening.

I do regularly use a rocket blower on the sensor (practically before or after every outing) and on the rear parts of my lenses & caps (after they've been changed "many times").

Less than once a year on average I'll need to do a wet- or sticky tab clean on the sensor.

Really not a big deal.

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