Metz 76-m5 repair help needed

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Teila Day
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Re: Metz 76-m5 repair help needed

Metzproblem wrote:

Hi forum ,

My metz 76-m5 stopped flashing ( i think too long in storage ) ,

so now i need to fix it ,

at startup no humming noise and no flashready light ( the switch-on light and the control box do work - albeit without the red an green light ) .

so first question , how to get it apart , second how to verify the capacitor charging bit , and last how to replace the capacitor .

Can someone help me ??



I have that flash.  Metz was awful / incompetent to deal with in my experience (circa 2011) when I called them with some questions.  However since you're mentioning it, I should check to see how much a capacitor replacement would be.

I'd rather let an electronics shop open the flash up though.

Might do better consulting a local electronics shop if it's just a capacitor issue ?

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