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Anyone for

Started 3 months ago | Questions thread
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Re: Anyone for

Philip Eihuyar wrote:

Night Pixel wrote:

leerob wrote:

Affinty Photo V2? A lot of change from V1?

This article on Peta Pixel points out the major new features:

  • Non-Destructive RAW Develop
  • Compound Masks
  • Live Mesh Warp
  • Normals Adjustment
  • Live Masks
  • Hue Range Masking
  • Band-Pass Masking
  • Luminosity Masking
  • Saved Layer States
  • JPEG XL Import/Export
  • iPad Support

Off course, there are many smaller changes, a cleaner interface, and all the features in V1.

A little Googling will reveal everything you want to know.

Affinity Photo is exceptional for all the reasons talked about. A couple of weeks ago, I upgraded to version 2 -although I probably could have blundered along with Affinity 1. It did push me to take more time in studying the tutorials on all the basics one needs to know to effectively use the program. Layers, Masks, Child layers, etc... My understanding is a work in progress. It is like taking an advanced trigonometry course. So, I feel like I am not one to complain and or offer any suggestions to the designers but Here goes:

First, for an alternative view, here is a review/criticism from one of folks who offer tutorials on Affinity : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qNdkzCgbDWI

But my main difficulty in using Affinity is the basic interface. As was mentioned in the above link, the tools are too small and it should be an option for users to increase size not just with the tools but also all the icons. My workflow is slowed way down when I have to struggle to find and then use the correct tool. A trick Apple Mac OS does is called 'magnification' to increase icon size just where the cursor goes such as:

I don't have any problems with the icons being to small or whatever.

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