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Anyone for

Started 3 months ago | Questions thread
Toermalijn Forum Pro • Posts: 17,036
Re: Anyone for

IanYorke wrote:

Len Philpot wrote:

leerob wrote:

Affinty Photo V2? A lot of change from V1?

I have a short history with V1 but V2 seems largely the same with some new features. I'm sure there are corners where X doesn't work quite the same way but I'm liking V2.

I'm not sure what OS you're on but there's been a big stink about Serif packaging V2 on Windows as an MS Store app vs a standard installer. They've said they'll provide a regular MSI as an alternative, hopefully before Christmas. For my uses so far the MSIX (Store app) has worked, but I'll definitely switch to the MSI when it's available.



Given the modest cost for the upgrade, just the Luma and colour range masks and the high contrast UI (I hate the ever so popular grey on grey UI's :-)) plus you know you will get free updates for years, made it a simple decision for me.


Have to agree with Ian, no brainer. Purchased day one...great discount.

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