Learning to use a smartphone ... for photography: looking for help

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Learning to use a smartphone ... for photography: looking for help

Hi all ...

After 10 years with Lumix m4/3 (G3-G6-G80 + 14-140, always happy with the results), last year I bought a Samsung s21 ultra and this is where I stand:

- the smartphone's ergonomics are a horror: slippery (of course ...), for composition (no EVF, no direct controls), poor stability (especially for telephoto, at arm's length), focusing (with several possible "subjects" at different distances) is pretty hit and miss (so I try to take several pictures, hoping for a good result ...), time to be in action is slower, settings sometimes change (probably me but it happens)

- telephoto is really horrible: smeary, lacking in detail ...

- but: always there, instant sharing, colour-balance is better than I'm used to with SOOC m4/3 (I don't post-process), detail is fit-for-my-purpose (good enough) ... and: I'm getting used to the ergonomics and determined to learn to use it properly for my photography.

So: the Lumix stays warm at home ... and has become a brick. I'm convinced smartphones will continue to progress. I'm stunned about the lack of new cameras over the last 4-6 years from Panasonic: my understanding is that they know they're in a dwindling market and are no longer investing. I'm not going to be a Luddite and am going with the times. I'm in the mood to update my device they move ahead: could even get the s23, if the photography potential shows significant progress ...

NB: we have a Forest Garden project and I would like to take better pictures in this context and, for example, of insects on plants (bees, other creepy-crawlies ... macro ... ?) and focusing is one issue here ...

I attach some pictures, so you can see where I'm at. All are SOOC, no post-processing of any kind (so far )

Gooseberries at our Forest Garden, 2022

From our Forest Garden in Saverne, 2022

Chartreuse, July

Chartreuse - view of the Mont Blanc using telephoto, July 2022

Near Torridon, October 2022

Near Torridon

I came on this part of the dpreview forum hoping to find content to help me learn more about good photography with smartphones. I'm not really interested in the camera-vs-smartphone discussions, as I've made my decision. But I'm looking to learn about better photography with smartphones (I use Android ...).

My question: can you recommend any threads here, or YouTube content or other ?

Thanks in advance,


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