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yankiefrankie wrote:

Jacques Cornell wrote:

I really like my Panasonic GX9 with pancake 12-32, which is a bit smaller than the a7C with 28-60. It's a great walkabout camera.

But, you know what? I don't actually walk about with it unless I'm intending to make photos. And, if I think I might get any good opportunities, I'll take my a7RIII with 28-60 or 24-105 instead.

If I don't have any intention to make photos, the only camera I actually carry around with me everywhere, all the time, is my iPhone.

Which has got me wondering whether I might be better off selling my LX100 and FZ1000, and a long-neglected LF1 that I thought would be my ultimate go-everywhere camera, and use that money to replace my iPhone 11 Pro Max with a 14 Pro Max.

I love how your reasoning played out, because mine has been similar! If my intention is to take photos, I would just bring my R3 anyway.

I am thinking I could leave the A7C in my car (small enough for center console), so I will have it whenever I go anywhere. I do not take my R3 with me everywhere, and then I wish I did once I get to wherever I am going and see photo opportunities.

My problem with the smartphone is RAW capture compared to RAW capture on a full-frame sensor. I have found that RAW on the small sensor is poor whenever I start pushing it. I see the advantage of the smartphone coming from computational photography, and this is only available when using jpeg, heif, etc. Although I am impressed with the computational jpegs of the smartphone (static high dynamic range or low light especially), I usually prefer a full-frame RAW capture processed to my liking.

I've been intrigued by the possibility of a Ricoh GRIIIx as a go-everywhere camera, as it fits in a smaller pocket than my LX100. But, the price has put me off. And, if I had the GRIIIx and liked it, I'd probably want to have the GRIII, which would be expensive, and then I'd have to choose which one to bring...


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