YouTube Advice ... What?

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Jack Tingle
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YouTube Advice ... What?

Two YouTube photography equipment advice videos showed up in my feeds. One bad, one sad. Somewhat related & next to one another.

Bad: Why buy a $6000 point & shoot?

The Leica Q2 is a $6k fixed, single focal length (28mm) camera. Basically, a 10× price version of my SX720HS. Oh, wait, I have a zoom lens. The over-tattooed, aging hipster gives his reasons for blowing at least 6 times what I'd find justifiable. YMMV. Basically, you should buy one because it's really stylish, cool-looking & encourages you to take more photos. Meh. I don't buy it. In either sense.

Sad: Tony Northrup outlines what used camera to buy

Please Northrup haters, go elsewhere. The advice here was decent.

Germane to the above: Basically, if you're not interested in long lenses or very high resolution*, or not willing to spend well over a grand for your cell phone + camera, just buy a good cell phone. He recommends an iPhone 14 Pro or an S22. If you want a cool, stylish camera, he recommends various Fujis, but that's an aside, although one that will save you several thousand dollars.

If you have actual uses for a camera, despite the expense, complexity & primitive user interface, he gives advice. He goes on to recommend a bunch of good used dSLRs & mirrorless cameras & medium to long lenses for various genres. The recommendations are sorted by budget & genre. The budget suggestions are varied, though the top end hits the a7R series heavily.

All of the suggestions seem sensible to me. I tend to use my cell phone for wide angles & cameras for long work. I don't do much portrait work, so ask someone else about that.

The sad part is his very honest analysis of cell phone vs. camera for a variety of use cases & the woeful state of camera interfaces & uses.

*Specifically, sports, animals or portraits.

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