Is It Legal to Photograph in Cemeteries?

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Back on subject, I fail to see why anyone would object to someone photographing a grave or the outside of a tomb. It is history.

Because not all photography in a cemetery is of a grave.

Consider a scantily clad (or nude) model draped across tombstones, lying on top of a grave, or even pleasuring herself. Some might consider this disrespectful (for examples Google "graveyard nude photos" ).

Many people would like to see a certain level of decorum around the final resting place of their loved ones.

Rather than argue with a photographer whether a particular shoot is respectful, it's easier just to prohibit all photography. They don't need to enforce this rule for respectful photography during a burial.

Other laws almost certainly cover your scenario. All scenarios assume people are caught in the act of course.

What law would prohibit photographing a model in a bikini humping a tombstone? It's not indecent exposure, and it's not vandalism.


In general, private property owners can't enact laws.  They can restrict photography on their property.

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